Anahata farm - Mandala

Anahata organic farm

"Things in nature are words and colors in form, a language which expresses itself to those who can read." 

Constantine Hering


"Following my inner spirit I was led to a piece of land that today is Anahata farm.
A modest vision, motherly instinct, love for family and Pachamama, our beautiful Earth Mother is the source of this creation.

Wanting to feed my loved ones in the best possibly way I started the journey of creating a fully sustainable organic farm. The key ingredient being love. Loving and respecting the intelligence of Earth Mother we create a better world."

The importance of organic plant based food is therefore not merely a health issue, but as well a social and spiritual one. By eating organic plant based food we increase our internal frequency which encourages our spiritual growth on an individual level. Providing access to local organically grown plant based food to others then raises the collective frequency allowing us together to create a better world.

Today Anahata farm is capable of sharing this love in a collective consciousness by providing its gifts to Mandala restaurant.

The emphasis on being a sustainable organic farm is the basic core of its existence.

The land is tuned with Crystals as well as sacred geometry patterns creating an elevated energy frequency which naturally increases its internal vibration nurturing the crops to grow in the healthiest manner and procreates Earth healing.

Recognizing the universal connection between us and all other living organisms we consciously stand against any kind of pesticides, herbicides and processed substances on our soil.