Menu - Mandala

Menu - Mandala

The passionate earthly approach to food is the core concept of Mandala.
Chad Sarno, the wizard of vegan cuisine exclusively created the vegan part of our menu.

Drawing its inspiration from the colours and flavours  daily delivered from our Anahata ORGANIC farm, the farm to table menu is a reflection of the love from all our staff where we welcome you to our community with open arms.

Our core values being simple, honoring, loving and supporting Earth Mother through co creation and conscious living we aim to express that through every bite.

Simplicity in the food, that is now forgotten we follow the golden rule : EAT FOOD NOT PRODUCT!

If your grandma wouldn’t recognise it as a food, don’t eat it !

Our food therefore does not consist of any pesticides, gmo, herbicides or any chemical substances, it grows passionately, organically, eco friendly while self sustainable with our loving support as well as each guest who chooses to share our journey.