Profile - Lorca Design

"Beauty will save the world."

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Profile - Lorca Design

"Our homes are a reflection of our spirit."

My goal is therefore never to create a perfect interior, instead it is about creating a sacred space. Allowing it to develop and adapt to each individual .

Creating a place where people can renew their connection with their inner self and spirit and reconnect to Mother Earth.

A healing sphere that is pure, holy and safe.

Design has allowed Elena Karaman to bridge the worlds of her personal esthetics and ethics into her natural creative outlet. 

Honoring the alchemy of her spiritual guidance, Lorcas esthetics are a synonym for modern luxury.

Her instinctive flair for beauty, innate talent for developing sacred spaces, inspiration garnered from her travels and spiritual quests are the ingredients acting in all her collections throughout her vast 15 year career. 

"Form is shape of consciousness."

Defined as an iconic eclectic style Lorca design seeks a common thread in color, form and beauty among pieces infused by historic references and modern influences, the harmony of the masculine and feminine, in co creation with Nature, forming the clients dream interiors reflecting their personalities. 

In accordance to this style each collection is custom hand made, decorated with calculated ornaments, sacred stones and crystals manifesting as creations of beauty that are energy infused containing healing properties and acting as portals for transforming energy. Hand finished final touches are the soul of the design philosophy, with each collection telling its own story enriched with cultural awareness. 

Conscious living sanctuaries designed to relax, rejuvenate and re center ourselves, the vast clientele reveals their satisfaction delivered by Elenas spiritual vision, professional eye for detail and passionate execution.

These designs for living are reflected in the classic collections such as: Walking in Clouds, Soho, Jazz, Metropolis, and of course Miladija

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