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"Deity infuses all of nature. Flowering field, majestic landscape, shadowy forest…are all natural temples where the Mother Earth constantly speaks to us."

All of Lorca's collections have a universal thread. Initial ideas are created by inner listening to the guidance of the soul in the creation of beauty and in co creation with nature. Inspiration garnered from traveling the world and spiritual quests, influences combined from indegenous tribes, sacred geometry, as well as ethnic Serbian and Peruvian patterns, are reflected in the consciously chosen materials, colors and finishing that with love go into each piece of furniture produced.

Custom hand made furniture displayed as forms of art, some of them containing healing properties and acting as portals for transforming energy.

The symbiosis of creativity and commerce satisfying a spectrum of clientele dreams, on all levels of conscious living

"Everything you can imagine is real"

Pablo Picasso

The Magic of Miladija

In the quest of soul seeking and recognizing her roots Elena Karaman created the Miladija collection.
The birth of a deeper, symbolic dimension in furniture design and interior decoration.

Her multiethnic backgrounds rooting from Serbia, Peru and Celtic (Welsh) origins have painted the canvas of this collection and is decorated by Elena’s vast inner guidance with her portraying her as Cosmic dancer and Earth keeper.

Naming the collection after Elena’s grandmother honoring the sacred bond and universally defining what this collection represents.
Not following trends, yet guided by her inner voice, in conjunction with traditional handcrafts and in co creation with Nature, Miladija is an oasis of spirit.

The symbiosis of ancient  patterns and sacred geometry. The pattern structure of the Pirot kilims has a significant energy that radiates with an effect intentionally devised and passed on by generations by people who wore a special “gift” .
Decorative  and purposeful patterns are placed on furniture that corresponds to the sphere of life suited to their energy effect. 
In this timeless art manifestation, Pirot patterns are joined by Amazonite, a crystal known for its ability to protect against electromagnetic radiation. It is a stone that soothes and aligns the physical and ethereal. In addition to their esthetic and material value, pieces from the Miladija Collection have a therapeutic effect on balancing the body’s energy thanks to synergy between the wondrous crystals and the powerful Pirot decorative patterns in the form of sacred geometry.