Mission - Mandala

"Nature does nothing in vain"


Mission - Mandala

The call for a sanctuary that would nurture and elevate a collective consciousness was the vision from which Mandala restaurant was born. 

We at Mandala believe our Earth to be a sanctuary and our restaurant is an extension of that philosophy.

"The earth has music for those who listen"

William Shakespeare

Our plant based menu contains ingredients grown from our organic Anahata farm with an emphasis on sustainability and local sourcing.

By consciously supporting this we contribute to the evolution of our planet, supporting the local environment and farming community as well as animal welfare.


Focusing on high vibrational food with nutritional benefits for each individual and our planet in welcoming environment where the intention is to raise a community sharing the same values.

The vegan part of our menu was specifically developed by Chef Chad Sarno, who we consider to be the best vegan chef in the universe.

Each and every item on our menu is prepared by our chefs with love!