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"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there."


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Essence - Elena Karaman

Welcome to my world, where design and healing are combined with sustainable living.
I am a healer. I heal people, spaces and places... through art and design, and through ritual and energy healing.

I have incredible respect for beauty. The one that is perceivable with our senses and the one which is beyond any perception. Beauty which lies within the process of creation. The one that has a constant thrive for Awen-divine inspiration.

"Beauty will save the world" said prince Myshkin... and I never experience that statement metaphorically...

I am more than certain that if anything can save this world, this 3D matrix that we are experiencing right now, it will be  beauty in its purest form. The beauty of thought, act and love originating from the heart.

"Only from the heart
you can touch the sky."

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Elena Karaman is a interior and furniture designer and healer.  Being the founder of Lorca Design, Mandala restaurant, Anahata organic farm, Tree of life non profit organisation and Essence healing, She has created a mirror image of her soul and invited others on her journey with open arms.

Lorca Design - interior and furniture design company is focused on sustainable living, creating sacred spaces through interior design and with furniture pieces that contain healing properties (crystals, ancient patterns and intention).

Mandala restaurant collectively raises nutrition and ecological awareness with its organic vegetarian and vegan options that are all provided from her Anahata self sustainable organic farm, with the concept from farm to table.

Tree of Life is a non profit organisation that addresses universal issues, spiritual and ecological awakening and awareness with the goal of raising collective consciousness and creating a better world.

More then a decade ago Elena responded to the call of her inner voice, exploring and studying esoteric wisdom, holistic healing, shamanic practices, yoga, eastern philosophy and divine feminine embodiment.

Certificates and trainings from all corners of the world, from master teachers and healers, shamans and priestesses, yogi and cosmic guides are a part of the spectre of knowledge gathered on these spiritual quests guiding her abilities and inner sight.

From powerful shamanic initiations in the Andes and Druid teachings to valuable wisdom coming from within, recognising her soul through personal experiences on her path in life.

These vast spiritually and culturally rich experiences, where as well a longing for Elena to define her multi cultural background, being that she is Serbian and British, with Peruvian indigenous heritage, as well as Celtic roots.

"My intention was never to create a brand, but by doing what I love develop my potential, to live as much as possible in tune with nature, to express my creativity through that symbiosis and to contribute in individual awakening of the divine awareness while raising collective consciousness in this point of time - space continuum

Even though we live in a materialistic time, by using our means with consciousness to enlighten and educate ourselves through travel, exploring indigenous cultures, healthy nutrition and lifestyle, art, literature and spiritual exploits, we shape and create as well as fulfil our individual spiritual and aesthetic unity. By making these decisions we invest and grow, and expand that to others and generations to come".

Essence - HEALING

Elena works, heals and creates in the realm of light, in the balance of miracles and synchronicity all through her existence. 

Enriched in magical ritual practices to heal her personal traumas and wounds and to remember herself as the divine embodied being that she is, now she implements, heals and shares these practices with others to raise their personal frequency as well as the collective frequency and sacred space. This specific healing method titled "Essence healing” is a symbiosis of all her personal wisdoms that she gathered from all her work with the great masters, and downloads directly from her spirit guides. Recently Elena has focused on healing of the Feminine in a women circle through sexual and body de-armouring, healing the primal wounds from the fall of Sophia and from ancestral and cultural heritage. A eternal concept implementing full awareness of oneself from within and reflecting our surroundings. Her grand intention is to leave no part of her multidimensional divine being unexplored nurturing her personal growth while raising conscious awareness in the community.

"Mysteries of life’s paths have humbled and surprised me, nurturing and educating me to trust the quiet inner voice of my intuition, endless faith in the human heart, and that with universal love one can heal the most challenging life experiences."

Elena is an Artist-interior and furniture designer, Healer, Ritual Facilitator, Worldbridger, Cosmic dancer and Pachamama guardian.

Elena’s credentials - include:

  • Interior designer
  • Reiki master
  • Su Jok practitioner
  • EFT level 2 and Matrix re-imprinting practitioner
  • Eco Rei Master ( Environmental Healing with Light Energies )
  • Shamanic energy healing
  • Soul rebirthing, sexual de-armouring and ancestral healing
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition
  • Interspecies communication 
  • Traditional Feng Shui (Jap Cheng Hai academy)

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